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Ремонт и настройка диагностических приборов.



The first professional UV EPROM eraser that lets you erase so many ICs in such a small space

  photo chiprase AT-701

Ordering Information
  • Light weight, space saving, and durable plastic body design.
  • Electronic Timer adjusts UV exposure from 10 to 60 minutes.
  • Two layer design utilizes the top and bottom areas of the UV tube:
    Top layer capacity: Up to 8 pieces of 32 pin DIP EPROMs.
    Bottom Layer capacity: Up to 9 pieces of 40 pin DIP EPROMs.
  • Top layer features a stair type receptable to ensure all 24, 28 or 32 pin EPROMs are positioned correctly for maximum UV exposure. (EPROM windows face downward through an penning slot in the receptacle.)
  • Automatic UV shut off switches protect users from UV exposure when opening the top cover or bottom drawer.
  • Anti-static sponge surfaces provide EPROMs with protection from static penetration.
  • Power-on LED indicators.

Dimension        : 78 mm (W) * 71 mm (H) * 217 mm (L)
Gross Weight   : 660g
Adapter           : 9V DC, 600mA, 218g.
UV light tube   : 2537 A , 4W, 6 inches

  Ordering Information:

  • AT-701 / 110 : 110VAC line voltage
  • AT-701 / 220 : 220VAC line voltage
  • AT-701 / 240 : 240VAC line voltage
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